Blackfin Processor Architecture Overview. Blackfin Processors are a new breed of embedded media processor designed specifically to meet the computational. ACCESS IC LAB. Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering, NTU. Blackfin Processor Architecture. Instructor: Prof. Andy Wu. 26 Aug About This Module This module introduces the Blackfin® family and provides an overview of the Blackfin processor architecture.2 Core.

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In addition to native support for 8-bit data, the word size common to blackfin processor architecture pixel processing algorithms, the Blackfin Processor architecture includes instructions specifically defined to enhance performance in video processing applications.

Instruction memory and data memory are independent and connect to the core via dedicated memory buses, designed for higher sustained data rates between the core and L1 memory. Reduced instruction set computer RISC architectures. Retrieved April 9, A single Blackfin Processor can be blackfin processor architecture in many applications previously requiring both a high performance signal processor and a separate efficient control processor.

Please Select a Language. All Blackfin Processors offer fundamental benefits to the system designer which include: This allows the processor to execute up to three instructions per clock cycle, depending on the level of optimization performed by the compiler or programmer. Blackfin blackfin processor architecture a variable-length RISC -like instruction set consisting ofand bit instructions.

The Blackfin architecture encompasses various CPU models, each targeting particular applications. Please help blackfin processor architecture this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Blackfin Processors are a new breed of bit embedded blackfin processor architecture designed specifically to meet the computational demands and power constraints of today’s embedded audio, video and communications applications.

Additionally, a single set of development tools can be used, which decreases the system designer’s initial expenses and learning curve. The RTOS runs in Supervisor mode and partitions blocks of memory and other system resources for the actual application software to run in User mode. Please consent to the use of cookies on blackfin processor architecture device as described in our cookie notice and updated Privacy Policy.


The Blackfin instruction set contains media-processing extensions to help accelerate pixel-processing operations commonly used in video compression and image compression and decompression algorithms. Lastly, and probably most importantly, these embedded microprocessors support a self contained dynamic power management scheme whereby the operating frequency AND voltage can be independently manipulated to meet the performance requirements of the algorithm currently being executed.

If a thread crashes or attempts to access a protected resource memory, peripheral, etc. They can support hundreds of megabytes of memory in the external memory space. Superior Code Density The Blackfin Blackfin processor architecture architecture supports multi-length instruction encoding.

The processors have built-in, fixed-point digital signal processor DSP functionality supplied by bit multiply—accumulates MACsaccompanied on-chip by a small microcontroller.

Blackfin – Wikipedia

This capability greatly simplifies both the hardware and software design implementation tasks. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Please be aware blackfin processor architecture parts of this site, such as blackffin, will not function blackfin processor architecture if you disable cookies.

This variable length opcode encoding is designed for code density equivalence to modern microprocessor architectures.

Easy to Use A single Blackfin Processor can blackfin processor architecture utilized in many blackfin processor architecture previously requiring both a high performance signal processor and a separate efficient control processor.

This benefit greatly reduces development time and costs, ultimately enabling end products to get to market sooner. Blackfin Processors also support multiple power-down modes for periods where little or no CPU activity is required. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Blackfin is a family of or bit microprocessors developed, manufactured and marketed by Analog Devices. This combination of processing attributes enables Blackfin Processors to perform equally well in both signal processing and control processing applications-in many cases deleting the requirement for separate heterogeneous processors. For some applications, the DSP blackfin processor architecture are central.

Blackfin Processor Architecture Overview

This section does not cite any sources. The Blackfin Processor architecture supports multi-length instruction encoding. The Blackfin processor architecture Processor family also offers blackfin processor architecture leading power consumption performance down to 0.


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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The architecture was announced in Decemberand first demonstrated at the Embedded Systems Conference in June, Blackfin Processors are based on a gated clock core design that selectively powers down functional units on an instruction-by-instruction basis.

High-performance signal blackfin processor architecture and efficient control processing capability enabling a variety of new markets and applications. The official guidance from ADI on how to use the Blackfin in non-OS environments is to reserve the lowest-priority interrupt for general-purpose code so that all software is run in supervisor space.

With the optimal code density and the blackfin processor architecture of little to no code optimization, quicker time to market can be achieved without running into performance headroom barriers seen on other traditional processor.

Implementing video compression algorithms in software aechitecture OEMs to adapt to evolving standards and new functional requirements without hardware changes.

Views Read Edit View history. Blackfin Processor Architecture Overview Blackfin Processors are a new breed of bit embedded microprocessor designed specifically to meet the blackfin processor architecture demands and power constraints of today’s embedded audio, video and communications applications.

ADI provides its own software development toolchains. The Blackfin Processor memory architecture provides for both Level 1 L1 and Level 2 L2 memory blocks in device implementations.

For other uses, see Blackfin disambiguation. These blackfin processor architecture enable operating systems. Very frequently used control-type instructions are encoded as compact bit words, with more mathematically intensive signal processing instructions encoded arcyitecture bit values.