Refer to the information presented at the end of the catalogue. .. 4 Leroy- Somer – IMfinity® 3-phase induction motors – en – / h IMfinity® It can be used in numerous processes (automotive, food industries, etc.) /Al; /Al; /Al; The LEROY-SOMER range of drip-proof 3-phase motors to modify the design, technical specifications and dimensions of the products shown in this catalogue. Leroy-Somer – Asynchronous CPLS motors for variable frequency – en – / f. Introduction P: catalogue power. asynchronous motor catalogue. Industries), latest edition, to the extent that they do not conflict with the.

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Standards What s in a rating? The acceptance of the Seller s offers or quotations, or any order, entails the acceptance without reservation of these GCS and rules out all contrary provisions shown on all other documents and, in particular, on the Client s order forms and the Client s General Conditions of Purchase. This warranty shall apply to the Seller s Products that are made readily available and therefore does not cover the de-installation and reinstallation of said Products in the equipment into which it is mounted.

If the load factor k R is greater than 1.

Clients may be present at said tests if specified on the order. The base of the economy gearboxes with square output flange. Handling is very simple as both the shafts driving More information. Relay monitored parameters Characteristics voltage control relay RMU – range When one value only is indicated, it refers to three-wire systems and specifies the voltage between phases. Make sure you download all parts for each course and the test answer form.

The Products and services sold pursuant to these GCS may under no circumstances be used for applications in the nuclear field, as such sales expressly fall under technical specifications and specific contracts that the Seller reserves the right to refuse. Natural lack of symmetry due to manufacture also induces current imbalances. Month of production Self-aligning ball bearings Self-aligning ball bearings Designs Simple structure A roller chain coupling consists of one duplex roller chain and two sprockets for a simplex chain.

PLS Drip-proof 3-phase induction motors 15 to 900 kw Technical catalogue

It will cover cataoogue a generic way most of the subjects which More information. The heater supply wires are brought out to a domino or terminal block in the motor terminal box. The lubricating power of a grease or an oil lessens with time owing to mechanical constraints and straightforward ageing. Except in the event of specific provisions, the prices correspond to Products that are made available in the Seller s factories, including basic packaging. With the exception of the Seller s gross negligence and the compensation of bodily injury, the Seller s liability shall be limited, in total, to the contractual amount, exclusive of tax, of the Product s that give s right to compensation.


Index of protection Nidustrie cl. Type of Gearbox 8 8 8. Totally enclosed squirrel cage three phase motors with cast iron frame Sizes 71 to0. The most common insoluble additives – graphite, molybdenum disulphide, talc, mica, etc, improve the friction characteristics between metal surfaces. This is the load for which permanent deformation at point of contact between a bearing lerpy and the ball or roller with the heaviest load reaches 0.

Table of Contents Introduction If required, the terminal box may be fitted in a different position on the left or right as seen from the drive end. The soluble additives are the same as those used in lubricating oils: Certification is granted by independent professional auditors, and recognises the high standards of the company s quality assurance procedures.

They are able cstalogue compensate for shaft displacement caused by, as an example, inaccuracies in production, heat expansion.

Electric Motor: Leroy Somer Electric Motor

On request, a second earth terminal can be fitted on the motor casing. If one of the parties is delayed or prevented from performing its obligations by reason of this Article for a period in excess of consecutive days, each party may then terminate, by right and without any need for judicial formalities, the unperformed part of the order, by indusfrie notice to the other party, without liability. Lithium soaps have several advantages over other metallic soaps: Percentage imbalance Stator current Increase in losses Temperature rise Derating facotr Percentage voltage imbalance D Phase current imbalance Voltage imbalances induce current imbalances.

Simply go through the complete designation step by step. This means that motors can be adapted to all types of situation without the need for costly and timeconsuming modifications. The various types are shown in the table below, with a description of each.


Prices are either deemed leryo be firm for the period of validity specified on the quotation, or subject to a revision formula attached to the offer and which specifies, according to the regulations, iindustrie pertaining to the materials, products, various services and salaries for which the indices are published in the B.


Leroy-Somer – Catalogue Industrie

Pleasants Company James M. Hybrid bearings for electrical machinery Electrically insulating – higher speeds – longer grease life SKF hybrid bearings increase service life Electric current damages bearings When a stray current in.

In the event that the restitution of cataloggue Products delivered is claimed by the Seller, the Seller is entitled to retain any xatalogue payment as compensation. Magneta Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes Simplatroll Replacement Magneta Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes The original modern pole face design with unbeaten performance and quality. If you want to learn more about best practice machinery maintenance, or world catalobue mechanical equipment maintenance and installation practices, follow the link to our Online Store and see the Training.

If this imbalance is known before the motor is purchased, it is advisable, in order to soker the type of motor required, to apply the derating specified in standard IECillustrated on the graph opposite.

If we only consider the chemical nature of the thickener, lubricating greases fall into three major categories: It must be emphasized that sensors cannot be used to carry out direct adjustments to the motor operating cycles.

The hydromechanical 2050 principle Designing with M3 Designed for industrial continuous duty, the M3 series features a compact shape, reduced overall dimensions, terminal box underneath which means also a high electric protection in dusty environments. Oil and gas industry Chemical industry Pharmaceutical industry Agribusiness Without More information. Provided that a complete Order No. Standard ISO requires the balancing method to be marked on the shaft extension soner follows: It consists of a low-noise feed pump, a filter and a plate More information.

Squirrelcage motors Dimension sheet generator: The static load rating C o and dynamic load rating C are obtained for each bearing indutsrie following the method in ISO