The white-winged vampire bat (Diaemus youngi (Jentink, )) is a group- living species that produces social calls in antiphonal exchanges. We document a new locality of Diaemus youngi in the Cerrado biome, extend the distribution in Mato Grosso do Sul state (southwestern Brazil), and present the. The white-winged vampire bat (Diaemus youngi (Jentink, )) is a group-living species that produces social calls in antiphonal exchanges.

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Their colonies have dominance hierarchies. Lonchorhina sword-nosed bats Tomes’s sword-nosed bat L.

In addition bats use vision, smell, touch, and auditory signals for perceiving their environment. The process by which an animal locates itself with respect to other animals and objects by emitting sound waves and sensing the pattern of the reflected sound waves.

White-winged Vampire Bat (Diaemus youngi) ยท

Commissaris’s long-tongued bat G. White-winged vampire bat Diaemus youngi Conservation status. Red fruit bat S. Diaemus youngi Jentink Allen Press, Lawrence, Kansas, pp. California leaf-nosed bat M. They may also be a carrier of rabies and other infectious diseases.


Brachyphyllinae Diaejus Desmodontinae Phyllonycterinae. Antillean fruit-eating bat B.

Their thumb is much shorter than that of the common vampire bat. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Nowak, Other Physical Features endothermic bilateral symmetry Sexual Dimorphism sexes alike Range mass 35 to 45 g 1. Their eyes are also relatively large in relation to their body sizes. User Username Password Remember me. American Society of Mammalogists However, little work has been done on this rare species, therefore the range may be larger than what has been documented.

Their fur is clay-colored, light brown, or dark cinnamon brown. The oyungi of the wings are white, and the membrane between the second and third fingers is largely white. Desmodus rotundus and Diaemus youngi. Big-eared woolly bat C. The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their support.

However, they diaemuz morphologically similar to common vampire bats Desmodus rotundussuggesting that they may be capable of walking on the ground.

While it is infrequently encountered, it has a broad distribution, and is tolerant of a variety of habitats. The mating system has not been documented in this species.


Revista Brasiliera de Zoologia, 2: Keywords Amphibia Anura Atlantic Forest Brazil Insecta Mammalia Mollusca Reptilia Squamata biodiversity conservation distribution diversity geographic distribution ichthyofauna inventory new record new records range extension species inventory taxonomy.

Jamaican fig-eating bat A. Bidentate yellow-eared bat V. Erophylla Brown flower bat E.

Diaemus youngi – #3160

To cite this page: Views Read Edit View history. Jamaican flower bat P. Keywords bats; distribution; urban area; secondary rainforest; Campo Grande. Walker’s mammals of the world Vol. Captive populations can be supported with cow and chicken blood. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Fiaemus, 19, Synapomorphy of the Bilateria.

The eponym dictionary of mammals.

Diaemus youngi is considered a pest because individuals sometimes feed on the blood of domestic poultry species. Carollia Short-tailed leaf-nosed bats Benkeith’s short-tailed bat C. Interspecific associations among Peruvian bats at diurnal roosts and roost sites.

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