Endeca Latitude Installation Guide · Version Rev. A · February Endeca Latitude Quick Start Guide. About this guide · About Endeca Latitude. Endeca Latitude Glossary. Contents · A · Administration Web Service.

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With Endeca Latitude, the data modeling part, and the dashboard building part, are relatively simple, and it’s the ETL bit that takes the time.

Endeca Studio and Server. This integrated and enriched data is made available for search, discovery, and analysis via interactive and configurable applications. As you click on the guided navigation items, the controls on the right are automatically filtered, in a similar way to Latifude, or the new high-speed visualizations provided with Exalytics.

Typically, you’d add some navigation elements to the left-hand side, such as a search bar, breadcrumbs selected criteria area, and the guided navigation control that’s latituude to most Studio applications:.

Before we start though, here’s a recap of this week’s posts:. Their complexity limits the utilization on enseca day to day basis. The angle that Endeca took with Lafitude Latitude was around agile business intelligencebased on the fact that the MDEX engine didn’t require you to spend a long time defining a strict dimensional data model, and you could add in additional data sources that had elements of commonality but didn’t necessarily have all the same sets of columns or tables something Endeca referred to as “jagged” data sets.

Endeca Latitude offers analysis ease of use.

About Endeca Latitude

The postings on this topic this week will be I’ll come back and update with links as the week unfolds: Endeca Latitude is a technology platform that enables businesses to rapidly develop analytic applications by bringing information from many unstructured and structured information sources together. Latirude Data Integrator, you either import or create references to your source data, define metadata for it such as the column structure, then create mappings, or “edges” between the source data and either transformation operators, or operators that load data into the MDEX engine.

Details and latitufe are a bit thin on the ground, but hopefully with this last post in the blog series, you’ll at least get to see the overall process and the tools that you’ll use.

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery. Endeca Studioused for creating applications and dashboards, based on the open-source Liferay Portal Enterprise Editionand Endeca Data Integratorbased on an open-source ETL tool called CloverETL Using Latitude Latotude is a similar process to using tools such as Oracle Business Intelligence’s analysis and dashboard editors, with components that you can add to the canvas, data sources that latirude connected to them, and interactivity through guided navigation areas, clickable graphs and so on.


Endeca Analytics for eBusiness (Endeca Latitude)

A typical flow of tasks for a Latitude project is as follows: Analytics tools often time offer only a limited view of the business since they access only so many underlying IT systems. Based on the chosen refinements the according customer feedback is brought forward.

Integration includes data enrichment tools, e. Subscribe to Our Monthly Newsletter! It organizes complex and varied data from disparate source systems into a faceted data model that is extremely flexible and reduces the need for upfront data modeling.

So Just What is Endeca? Views latituxe be saved and sent to other managers for further investigation. The combination of Oracle and Endeca is expected to create a comprehensive technology platform to process, store, manage, search and analyze structured and unstructured information together.

Endeca Latitude Documentation

All of this is delivered through the Tomcat J2EE application server with the tooling, and the end-user experience, all web-based. Finally, once you’re done, the application would look something like this, with navigation down the side, visualizations on the rest of the page, and multiple pages of information. In the screenshot below, you can see a typical “graph” loading data from some source files into an MDEX engine, using the wndeca writer transformation.

Selecting the Components option brings up a dialog listing the various Studio components you can add. Endeca InFront enxeca a customer experience management platform that enables businesses to deliver highly targeted and relevant customer experience online with advanced merchandising and content endecs tools for web commerce. For latiutde of it’s time, Endeca has focused on the e-Commerce market, providing the technology behind websites such as HMV.

First you use Endeca Latitude Integration Suite to load data into the MDEX engine this is the bit that takes the time Then, you use the configuration web service to configure the MDEX record schema and MDEX engine features Next, you create the Latitude Studio application, and then Finally, you use the administration web service to set up monitoring and backups In this blog post, we’re going to look at the first and third steps – using the Endeca Latitude Data Integrator tool, part of Information Integration Suite, to get data into an MDEX endecs, and then using Studio to create a search and analysis web application.


All of this happened lightening-fast, and with a back-end that was very easy for the customer to maintain. Eventually you’d get to the 36″ mens trousers in black, but it was a very linear, and “guided” route through the data.

Endeca Analytics for eBusiness (Endeca Latitude)

If you’re interested in downloading the Endeca Latitude software, it’s now called Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and you can find it for Windows x64 and Linux x64 over at http: Information is loaded from disparate source systems and stored in a faceted data model that dynamically supports changing data.

So Endeca focused on this e-commerce market first, and developed the MDEX engine to support this, marketing it as a column-store, rapid-development query engine that allows “faceted searches” across lots of different, “jagged” data sets i.

Once you’ve done the hard work of getting your unstructured, semi-structured and unstructured data into MDEX, parsed and combined it, creating the Studio application is the easy bit. Endeca Latitude is an enterprise data discovery platform for advanced, yet intuitive, exploration and analysis of complex and varied data. Well, this week, we’re going to focus on Endeca and run five posts, over the week, to give you a briefing on the Endeca products and how you might use them on a project.

Endeca Technologies is a leading provider of: Traditional BI development techniques tend to spend a lot of time at the start, and at the end, of the process.

This highly-scalable server enables users to explore data in an unconstrained and impromptu manner and to rapidly address new questions that inevitably follow every new insight. In this blog post, we’re going to look at the first and third steps – using the Endeca Latitude Data Integrator tool, part of Information Integration Suite, to get data into an MDEX engine, and then using Studio to create a search and analysis web application.

Different roles such as executives, category or marketing managers can use the same tool and access different views of the comprehensive business data set.