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Since the amylomaize starch itself is not pure amylose. According to the present processes. The film dried within 30 seconds by heating the plate from below at C and applying warm air 30C to the surface of the film.

USA – Process for the production of amylose films – Google Patents

Coagulation and drying procedures of the film desirably were also possible. For the production of films in accordance with the present processes.

All Activity Home Forums Thirdwire: Because the water swelling property and water solubility increase with the increase of S-amylose content. A process according to claim 1 wherein said plasticizer is glycerol, propylene-glycol or sorbitol. The 7-L contained 90 7! By washing precipitate obtain by allowing the filtered solution to cool.

Posted August 19, After dissolving precipitate the solution was cooled slowly. Accordingly it is possible to increase the content of S-amylose higher than the maximum content of amylopectin in amylomaize starch and properties of films are variable by varying the content of S-amylose.

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Decrease of viscosity in the film material solution corresponds with the increase of the amount of short chain molecules. A process according to claim 1 wherein the amylose obtained by hydrolyzing starch with Alpha -1,6-glucosidase from the species Pseudomonas amyloderomosa has a content of long chain amylose with D. The dispersion was then incubated at 50C for 35 hours.

Any of the previously known methods are applicable for the formation of films: Thus L-amylose 7-L l6 7 dry basis was obtained. Films were formed from the enzymatically treated starch and intact amylomaize starch according to similar methods and their properties were compared giving the following results. The films according to the present processes have an excellent light transparency of nearly 71 compared to the commercial amylomaize starch films which have a light transparency of about 5O 7.

T-120C …

Accordingly in films prepared with intact amylomaize starch. With the employment of a-Lo-glucosidases the branched structures of amylopectin, 20 50 present in the amylomaize starch to be used as a material for amylose films, were debranched to convert amylopectin into linear chain amylose.

A process according to claim 1 wherein 120v make said amylose. In the present invention.

The present invention relates to a process for the production of various films comprising linear chain amylose of various degrees of polymerization D. At a concentration of 10 7c, and pH 6.

Posted August 28, Posted August 14, Give it a try and let me know that you think. To the gelatinized solution was added 25 irmm of salted out enzyme per gram starch obtained from culture of Pseudomonas amyloderamosa. The dissolved solution was cast on a metal plate in a thickness of 0. This is a really wonderful aircraft!! The procedures were performed as outlined in Example l-l. However since liquefaction of starch proved somewhat difficult in the initial stage. Films produced from amylose are receiving great attention recently as a material for food packaging or coating.

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The reaction mixture was treated as in Example 2. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 3 of 3.

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Yields were calculated by adding deposits which were obtained from the mother liquid following concentrating and cooling. Posted August 21, Immediately upon completion of dispersion the dispersed solution was cooled rapidly to 20C. Here is interesting article about Superhornet http: In this case the small amount of amylopectin of starch is hydrolyzed into amylose with D.

The fact that the mechanical strength decreases with the increase of S-amylose content is inevitable. With the objective to improve this point.

Following inactivation by heating to l00C. The product will be referred to as 3 2 hereinafter. EXAMPLE A l starch suspension prepared with amylomaize starch was dispersed and gelatinized by heating to C under stirring conditions for 20 minutes and was enzymatically treated similarly as in Example l-l.

Go To Topic Listing Thirdwire: I’ve edited the Loadou. Mind posting it here so I can download it? It would be nice if some of the experts here could correct it. The mixture was treated by the same method as that of Example