Born in in Calcutta, India, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni spent nineteen years in her homeland before immigrating to the United holds a BA from. Live Free and Starve. SF labor; Purpose – to explain the consequences of both child labor and firing the children; Speaker – Chitra Divakaruni. What we think is wrong for other people to endure, is what some people have come accustomed to. Some people have no idea what its like to.

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Live Free and Starve

I explained that she uses pathos so that whoever is reading her chittra can embody the trials and tribulations these working children have to go through without having a childhood. Even though the essay llive short, it chitrs most of the problems that child labor is causing, why it is happening and how the situation could be handled.

However, she has avoided this issue by intermixing frequent concessions throughout every argument, keeping her American audience in mind. Wealthy or famous people are not necessarily self-actualized. It provides an exception to this idea, which then proves the argument wrong and points out a fallacy in the opposing argument.

In the course of the whole essay, chhitra author makes use of rhetorical elements of vivid description, repetition, and anecdote in order to make her essay credible. You must be logged in to post a comment. In this case, why is it so hard to see that some people might prefer bread to freedom?

The author expresses his disapproval of the bill in multiple ways, specifically through the use of personal anecdotes, which allows the reader to relate to the situation emotionally.

yeagleyenglish / Live Free and Starve

He is well informed and appears to look at the full extent of the bill. Aand are often forced to work long hours, for nearly slave wages, and are often beaten or mistreated.

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He describes the wretched conditions these children live in and the idea of forced labor.

Toward the end of her article, she discloses a personal ddivakaruni by giving us a brief glimpse into her own experiences with child labor: To edit this page, request access to the workspace. He chitrq brought to her family because he was too frail to work in the farm and that his family did not have adequate resources to feed him.

No images or files uploaded yet. By citing this example the author not only appeals to the reader emotionally, but he provides an exception to the bill. Throughout the passage the tone is persuasive and compelling, which attempts to convince the reader that we must not pass this bill. But he thought he was a responsible member of his family.

Throughout her article, Divakaruni makes an excellent argument by tossing her stance anv and forth from the pros to cons of the bill. Some could say that this story would make her biased and culturally predisposed to accept this form of slavery.

Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. Dtarve at Americans tree recently passed a bill banning import of goods made by children, she explains how boycotting these companies may negatively affect the lives and livelihood of children and their families in these nations.

The purpose is to express that this bill must not be passed and to urge people, especially senators, to see the full extent and repercussions of stopping imports from these countries because it not only effects the companies, but the children which it is trying to protect in the first place.

Remember, all of your assignments and blogging should be done on your page. In the beginning of this passage, the author prefaces his argument by stating that he agrees with the proponents of this bill that bu current situation is horrific and must be stopped.

On top of that she pictures what she sees when she visits her village every year – children by the mud roads, their ribs sticking out through the rags they wore p.

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“Live Free And Starve” : Critical Analysis

He does this by providing a personal anecdote, which enables the reader to relate to an experience emotionally, pointing out fallacies in opposing arguments, which serves to bolster his claim, and by providing specific examples of how this bill would adversely affect these children, which strengthens his argument.

I explained that her use of ethos convinces her audience that her stories and arguments are coming from a credible source and it was not from a person who just reads books or articles and conveys it in a different manner. This use anecdotes and personal experience convinces the reader that she is someone credible to convey the hardships of. Yet he expresses his disagreement with the proposed solution. The author concludes by reiterating the preface of the passage that he feels that these children need to be helped.

She uses this forgiving statement to put her readers at ease again.

Live Free and Starve by Mary Martin on Prezi

What is this an example of? I added a few sentences which would lead the reader in a better direction in order to grasp what the author of the essay was trying to explain. The purpose of the essay is to describe what is happening to children who are working in factories across third world countries when child labor laws were passed in the House.

Live Free and Starve. The author also shows another fallacy in the argument through the use of logos. Dlvakaruni explains in fee the conditions those children who are working in the factories have to face daily for long periods of time.