Of all the French cultural exports over the last years or so, ‘pataphysics–the science of imaginary solutions and the laws governing exceptions–has proven. 10 Jun ‘Pataphysics A Useless Guide by Andrew Hugill, Evolution of Consciousness ARJ2 Review by Bobby Matherne. 13 Nov Frenchman Alfred Jarry (–), a diminutive queer alcoholic raised on Rabelais and steeped in Symbolism, could be called the John the.

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Alfred Jarry was the leader of that particular gang.

At the same time, a new generation of artists in Paris began to pick up on the pataphysical spirit William Adams, pataohysicsnotes that a river must flow before it can be interrupted. The first complete account in English of the evolution of ‘pataphysics from its French origins, with explications of key ideas and excerpts from primary sources, presented in reverse chronological order.

‘Pataphysics: A Useless Guide by Andrew Hugill

Situating present-day ‘Pataphysics first ties it most readily to what readers are likely to be most familiar with or to what they can find most readily on the Internetand is a pretty good starting-point. Pataphysics, aptaphysics complex and difficult, is in fact quite a cogent body of exploits and ideas, which has a history and certain fixed precepts.

Joshua Buhs rated it liked it Jun 24, Hugill prefers to drop the uesless throughout his book. Don’t have an account yet?

The pataphysicist seizes on this common anomaly and looks for useless payoffs. Pataphysicians, in being actively engaged, are more awake in their concerns than ordinary folk.

Since I have not yet read it, I can pose as an expert, thus: Do you see how things are and ask why?

My only other complaint, is a personal one, that I wished that the author Andrew Hugill would acknowledge my pre A good all-in-one-volume study on Pataphysics, with an incredible amount of information regarding its authors, artists, etc. Return to Book Page. Douglas Sharp rated it really liked it Nov 01, Hugill works, for the most part, by example — which gets problematic as he ranges far beyond the traditionally pataphysical, finding elements of ‘Pataphysics in all sorts of art and writing and the occasional lifestyle.


3:AM Magazine

Chris rated it really liked it Jul 04, Share your thoughts with other customers. The simultaneous existence of opposites that characterizes pataphysics itself is also present in the fluctuating stunts of these stories.

Here the antinomy was erotic, formally arranged as a hinge which was the symbol of the opposition. Do pataphysicists think they are asserting their fictions?

Implications of a miraculous explanation may be less compelling that its denial. Write a customer review. Stable backgrounds are assumed to be needed for exceptions to make sense.

He describes a field known for its wordplay and willful obfuscation with clear language, an admirable breadth of reference, and an abiding respect for the complexity and, well, willfull obfuscation of his subject.

I began reading it like a regular Batman or Superman comic book when suddenly I realized it was making fun of things that our parents took seriously! In a Jarryesque touch, he provides these in reverse chronological order, beginning with a survey of ‘pataphysics in the digital age and working backward to Jarry and beyond.

Contemporary science is founded upon the principle of induction: T “La pataphysique est la fin des fins. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. So, please read the book before I do and lose your status as an expert in a widely-studied field. They key to the pataphysical life lies in the apostrophe that proceeds the ghide ‘pataphysics.

I enjoyed the reverse timeline structure. Jarry’s legacy was interpreted in various ways by different groups and individuals, each claiming him as a precursor. Contacts Payaphysics Buzzwords Twitter Facebook.


‘Pataphysics’ useless guffaw – 3:AM Magazine

This book is a past and future history of ‘pataphysics, and should give great comfort to those conflicted souls everybody who still believe in anything. The antibourgeois, scandalous nature of Ubu became a rallying point for the surrealist revolution. Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole. Covering the subject from a variety of angles, the author’s love for all things ‘pataphysical is obvious.

Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Pataphysics could be used quite readily to explain a mutitude of contemporary phenomenon: What is it, even — a literary or cultural movement?

Some readers, grammatically and punctuationally pataphyaics, will be wondering about the apparently superfluous apostrophe which precedes the instances of the word pataphysics above.

Here the pataphysicist references the realisation that contradiction and self-reference are twin complications for truth.

Hugill’s self-deprecating study provides us with not only an intellectual history of this fascinating but elusive community but also, and no less importantly, proffers valuable clues as to the nature of the creativity of the attitudes and tenets of its members. Did I mention how many quotations there are? ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. For some, pataphysics is an ultimate spoof, a schoolboy prank, a raucous piece of nonsense; for others it is certainly an attitude of mind, a WAY OF LIFE, a discipline, a doctrine, a deeply ironic religion, even.