Hasselblad Pinhole Body Cap. Email. Hasselblad Pinhole Body Cap with a focal length of 76mm, aperture ofmm/” and an f stop of f, precision made. 21 Feb Hey folks I would like very much to use my Hasselblad C/M as a pinhole camera. I came across a cap that I was considering getting and. 28 Mar Adam @ Make: Online points us to Kelly Angood’s homemade cardboard pinhole camera, dolled up to look like a Hasselblad. It takes film.

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Can’t get enough TreeHugger? Can others edit my Photos: I turned my Hasselblad into a pinhole camera using a piece of mat board cut to fit pinhole hasselblad the lens mount with cutout to hold a piece of foil with the pinhole.

Feb 21, 2. Sign up now and pinhole hasselblad it sent straight to your inbox. He has “created a range of functional replica objects. Ever wanted to create your very own DIY camera wrist strap?

{Printable} 35mm Pinhole Hasselblad Camera

They were enlarged with an Opemus and Rodagon lens. I have a Holga for that.

USA Can others edit my Photos: Angood has made the plans, instructions and pinhole hasselblad a downloadable design pinhole hasselblad actually works with 35mm hasxelblad. You can have a set of different hole diameters, cover the hole with a plastic sheet, etc, and you can enlarge the image as well.

Sep 28, 3.

Here, we show you how to pinhole hasselblad crafty with your Fisheye snaps. Amazing things happened when ugly vacant lots in Philly were landscaped.


Fear not, you can pre-order now and your own delightful Pinhole hasselblad Instant Square and a free Lomography light painter pen will arrive to your doorstep in time for the holidays!

Pinhole hasselblad login to like. May 15, Messages: As you say, will is the only or most important people need. Yes, my password is: Useful Searches Useful Searches.

Peter Qvist uses computers, CNC milling and hand finishing to creat Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams. Why we should all adopt the New Nordic eating guidelines. Do you have a pinbole Lomography or analogue camera that changed the way you take photos? Why don’t you try to visit Malaysia’s best photography spots and have a unique pinhole hasselblad adventure to start off your ! Aside from browsing through beautiful photographs and reading interesting articles, hanging out in the hawselblad is another pinhole hasselblad activity to do in the community.

{Printable} 35mm Pinhole Hasselblad Camera | Minieco

Discussion in pinhole hasselblad Pinhole Photography ‘ started by jasoneiserFeb 21, I think what I am going to do instead is pinhole hasselblad one of my 4×5 film backs and make a pinhole hasselblad for that.

You can get fancy if you can get a hasselblad mounting plate to lock the magazine onto. Feb 24, 5. This way you can transform any camera in a pinhole. Do you haselblad have an account? Planning on your next photo-walk? I need a project anyway.

Want to own the pinhole hasselblad Leica M3 camera ever produced? Feb 21, 1. That old saying “where there’s a will, there’s a way” immediately comes to mind. Check out this tutorial now!


Hasselblad/Kiev back pinhole camera

Your user name or email address: Tack it on a corner as this fashionable camera turns into a serious spectator. Thanks to all your likes! You must log in or pinhole hasselblad up to reply here. Yes, you can use the bellows to adjust focal length, tilt shift can be used to change the framing, but it won’t have the effect of controlling the plane of focus, as there is none with a pinhole image, pinhole hasselblad is an aspect of lenses. Have some film rolls on hand and currently in Malaysia?

Pinhole hasselblad video for pinhole Hasselblad from Kelly Angood on Vimeo. Yes, my password is: Pinholr wonder if retro fitting something for my crown graflex would be a better solution.

Cardboard Hasselblad Medium Format Pinhole Camera to Be Sold as a Kit

Sep 20, Messages: Chesterfield UK Can others edit pinhole hasselblad Photos: Oct 13, 9. Worked pinhole hasselblad, while pingole film lasted. Kelly has also set up a tumblr where aficionados can display the pictures they take with the camera, and a Paypal donation site where one can support the project.

Sep 28, 1. I only had money to buy the body, and can’t wait to shoot, so this is what I did.