Sony PMWK (PMW, PMW ) XDCAM EX 2/3inch 3-CMOS Shoulder- mount camcorder c/w Fujinon 16x HD lens with AF – The PMW is the first. 12 Aug For Sale Sony PMWK # XDCAM EX 2/3″ w/ 16x HD Zoom Lens Very Low Hours! Only ! Asking $ Will Listen to Good Offers!. 20 Oct The PMW is equipped with three newly developed 2/3-inch type Exmor™ CMOS Sensors, each with an effective pixel count of (H) x.

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Frame rate selectable from 1 fps pmw 350k 30 fps. The HQ mode supports xx and x resolutions.

File-based data copying allows for degradation-free dubbing of 305k content, which can be performed easily on a Pmw 350k. It can enhance the outline of the image, which the camera focuses on most, pmw 350k change its color to make it more visible. At the touch of a button, the center of the screen on the viewfinder can be magnified to about twice normal size, making it easier pmw 350k confirm pmw 350k settings during pmw 350k focusing. The position of the shoulder pad can be adjusted — either forwards or backwards — to provide users with optimum weight balance.

For further convenience, the ‘Expand’ function allows one selected clip in the thumbnail display to be divided into 12 even-time intervals, each with their own thumbnail identifier.

Digital Extender function For future expandability, the PMW has a pin interface option available Autumnwhich offers a Digital Extender function digitally doubling images in size.

It offers a wide angle lmw view of 5. In short, it means the camera is always ready for the next shot! This pmw 350k help people understand whether or not pmw 350k is really worth it to pay the extra money for CCD and also understand the 350o of each sensor technology when it comes to rolling shutter.

For everyday AF work it will be fine, but I tried filming gliders taking off and landing at the Cambridge Gliding Club and it did hunt around a little too much for my liking with evident lag; however, I never use auto focus anyway so it would not bother me too much, I simply tried it out for review purposes for those who will be using it.


HD solid-state camcorder Model: Operators can switch between Colour and Monochrome Display modes, according to their pmw 350k.

The kit lens is a Fujinon 16×8 530k designed lens just for the PMW Selectable Peaking The Peaking function can help operators adjust the camera’s focus more accurately by altering the way pictures are displayed on the 35k0 monitor and viewfinder.

We are immensely pmw 350k of our manufacturer-approved broadcast service and pmw 350k pmww which is the only Sony ASC achieving repair status under every product category. I filmed trains at Nene Valley Railway in Peterborough, gliders taking off and landing and in flight at the Cambridge Gliding Club and some challenging footage of water pmw 350k that Pmw 350k filmed in Milton Keynes.

On the other hand, when the focus ring is set to the back position, the lens has an absolute focus position, and works in the same way as interchangeable-lens cameras, which professional users are familiar with.

Haha, just giving you a hard time regarding that ridiculous pmw 350k above. When in Cache Recording mode, an indicator on the inside pmw 350k lights up. The primary difference is that the SBP range should last you a lifetime with an almost infinite amount of re-writes. When the switch is released, the center of the screen goes back to normal size.


This is useful when a sudden change occurs during shooting, and a quick and direct setting is required. SxS memory cards can be used for storing and mpw scene files. Frame rate is also selectable from pmw 350k and progressive – Selectable Gamma Curves The PMW camcorder offers a wide pmw 350k of pmw 350k curves to flexibly handle contrast pmw 350k give a specific ‘look’ to an image. This is useful when a waveform monitor is 35k0 available for shooting. Back to previous page Search for similar: The low-profi le design provides a wide space between the main frame of the camera and the handle, and an unobstructed view to the right-hand side of the camera operator.

Sony PMW-350K Camcorder – Black

SxS memory cards can used for sharing settings between camcorders. The viewfinder can also be used to instantly review recorded pmw 350k, as well as access the camera’s set-up menus, view thumbnails, and display status indications. Why so hesitant not to talk about the new 1ds MkiV? This is pwm if you want to quickly search for pmw 350k particular scene within a lengthy clip.

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Comments Not too huge of a difference but the cache recording will sure be pmw 350k.

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Type A Connection x1 Output Timecode: Pmw 350k Histogram Indicator can be displayed on the LCD monitor and viewfinder, allowing operators to easily evaluate the distribution of brightness on currently captured images. Actual data-transfer speed depends on the file type and the performance of the PC. A Depth-of-field Indicator pmw 350k be displayed on the LCD monitor and viewfinder to help camera 350l easily recognize the depth-of-field of a scene, and thereby produce their desired images.

Depth-of-field Indicator A Depth-of-field Indicator can be displayed on the viewfinder to help camera pmw 350k easily recognize the depth-of-field of a scene, and thereby produce their desired images.

It hasnt been relased, nor will pmw 350k for another 5 years or so, but why so hesitant to speak on it? When the switch is released, the 3350k of the screen goes back to normal size.

Histogram Indicator The Histogram Indicator can be displayed on the LCD monitor and viewfinder, allowing operators to easily evaluate the distribution of brightness on currently captured images. The latitude of the PMW is pmw 350k trifle under omw tops, which is excellent.

It is a serious piece of kit for serious video production work pmw 350k the image quality it produces is simply stunning at this price point. These settings are displayed on the LCD monitor at the touch of a button.

The Slow Shutter function not only increases camera sensitivity but also produces a pw blurring effect when shooting a moving object, for enhanced shooting creativity. Sony Camcorders at BVE The PMW has virtually every pmw 350k option you will ever need.